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PiCAS is an organisation that was developed in 2004 and it specializes in providing bespoke supported living services to adults with Mental Health, Autism and Multiple and profound Learning Disabilities including Physical needs and Cerebral Palsy. We also provide support to individuals with Communication and Sensory Impairments.

PiCAS provides independent living through the right environment, support, empathy and empowerment that they need to progress into independence.

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Supported Living

PiCAS is also a stepping stone for those clients who are able to progress to their independence. PiCAS is registered with CQC as a Domiciliary Care agency which provides the regulatory support for providing personal care and medication administration.

PiCAS a person-centred service provides independent living through the right environment, support, empathy and empowerment that they need to progress into independence. We are trained and experienced in dealing with challenging behaviours and complex needs. We provide the support and accommodation that suits the needs of the individual.


Our accommodations are either shared but mostly single occupancies to meet the needs of the individual. All clients have a tenancy agreement with private landlords.

Each client’s room offers privacy, comfort and is kept warm, clean and tidy. The establishments are cited in residential areas in Redbridge and Newham with local shops, health services, shopping areas and main transport routes close by.

Active Support

PiCAS is helping people to be actively, consistently, and meaningfully engaged in their own lives regardless of their support needs.

  • Be Engaged: Doing things; Participating; Spending time with others; Making decisions; Making choices. People without disabilities spend nearly 90 % of their time in purposeful engagement. How does that compare?
  • Actively: Each day; Through-out the day whenever there is an opportunity;
  • Consistently: With approaches that provide enough structure and predictability that people experience comfort, continuity, and have a better ability to be engaged;
  • Meaningfully: In ways that increase competence and opportunity; in ways that help people be and stay connected to others (socially); in ways that provide enhanced esteem; in ways that are focused on needs, preferences, and goals of the person.

Positive Behaviour Support

PiCAS support for people with challenging behavior, is based on person-centred approaches and our values, especially respect.

Across the organisation, we follow the principles of Positive Behaviour Support, which state that services should be:

  • person-centred
  • based on an understanding of people’s behaviours
  • mindful of people’s preferences around communication
  • as un-restrictive as possible
  • working to enhance people’s quality of life.

Research shows that Positive Behaviour Support improves the quality of life of people supported, and helps reduce the occurrence of behaviours that challenge.

Positive Behaviour Support aims to do two main things:

  • understand the person’s behaviour and communication by assessing the physical and social environment in which the behaviour occurs, taking into account the perspectives of all stakeholders
  • use that understanding to develop, implement and evaluate a personalised system of support that will enhance the quality of life for the person supported and other stakeholders.

It consists of three main elements:

  • the adoption of values that encourage social inclusion and enhanced quality of life, and that discourage restrictive practices
  • the use of theory and evidence to aid assessment and understanding of what the person is communicating through their behaviour that challenges
  • the use of data to inform strategies to address the behaviour, evaluate its impact and monitor the longer-term progress achieved.

All our support staff learn about the principles of Positive Behaviour Support which is part of their induction. When staff are supporting people with challenging behaviour, they will also be trained to keep themselves and others safe.

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Choice & Independence

How we Support

We support all aspects of daily life to develop the skills required to live more independently. This includes:
Cooking Programme
Daily living skills
Personal Care
Planning Independence
Budgeting skills
Sexual Health Services
Ongoing support
Participating in community activates
Positive Behaviour Management Support

Each client has a team of well-trained staff working with them on a rota basis. All staff are trained to meet the needs of the clients and receive those specific training. All of our staff undertake professional development training specific to the sector; courses include – Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health, Sensory processing disorder. Many other specialized courses as well as the Health & Social Care Diplomas at levels 2, 3 & 5. and Positive Behaviour Support. All staff are all trained in Covid 19 management as well.

At PiCAS our staff strive to be welcoming and friends as well as helpful and caring in their approach, also strive to be respectful of the personality and culturally sensitive of our clients. We also expect our staff to have the reassurance that the health, safety and welfare of our clients and staff are promoted and protected at all times.

What Families & Professionals Say

A very good service provided to my daughter for 17 years.

Mr & Mrs Sharpe

Parents of NS

I am very happy with the support and care my son has received since 2008. I have a very good relationship with all staff and management.

Sue Elliot

Mum of RH

I am very happy with the service and care given to my cousin. The staff are professional and caring and I cannot fault them.

Tobias Cook

Cousin of DM

Mo is always relaxed and happy when we visit him. We are very happy with the support he is receiving.


Sister of MHF

I want to thank PiCAS Team for excellent service for my client. His behaviour has drastically improved since he moved to your accommodation which is such a great outcome. So thank you from all of us to you and your service.

Dr David Prior

ST4 Intellectual Disability Psychiatry

I have seen so many positive changes in my client since PiCAS has supported him. The PBS team is excellent. Thank you all for such good efforts.

Anthony Donegan

Behavior Analyst

PiCAS is monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation daily and are working with official agencies to act on the latest advice. Staff use appropriate PPE, including masks, gloves, aprons, and visors is necessary to protect service users and themselves when delivering care. We regularly conduct COVID-19 tests amongst our care staff and have clear communication across the company to ensure guidelines are met.

All the Picas staff have been vaccinated on 12 February 2021.

updated on 14th February 2021